Under The Weather :(

Under The Weather 😦

Hey, Guys! Sorry I Havn’t Posted In Few Days. Sunday, When We Returned From Our Trip My Daughter Must Have Caught Something Because She Has Been Super Sick! Full Blown Stomach Flu At It’s Finest! Yuck!! Poor Baby Girl Is Miserable & This Mommy Here Has Been So Worried! Although, I Am Sleep Deprived I Can Say She Is Slowly Recooperating & Hopefully By The Weekend She Will Be Back To Normal. Yes, Most Times She Can Be A Major Brat But Days Like So I Wish To Trade Places. Its Just So Hard & At Times I Feel Helpless! Lots Of TLC ! Boy O Boy Lots Of Cleaning & Disinfecting Going On! Until Then… Stay Well All & Will Talk To You All Soon!!




SanFrancisco Trip

20130225-152853.jpg ( Dressed & On The Road )

20130225-152936.jpg ( Came Across A Turbin Farm Along The Way )

20130225-153203.jpg ( My Husband With Radio ADD )


20130225-153425.jpg ( Phew, We MADE it!!)


20130225-153554.jpg ( Went To Aquarium Of The Bay)

20130225-153647.jpg ( HAPPY KIDS)

20130225-153739.jpg (Alcatraz)

20130225-153826.jpg ( SeaLions)

20130225-153857.jpg ( Carousel)

20130225-153924.jpg (Bunjee Trampoline)


20130225-154008.jpg ( ChinaTown)

20130225-154047.jpg ( Seafood Dinner AT Fisherman’s Wharf)

Overall We Enjoed Ourselves & Can’t Wait Till Summer To Return!!


Loss Of A Loved One

It’s Been A Few Months Since The Passing Of My Father & Gradually I Have Learned To Overcome My Grieving. Some Days Are Rough & Most Days Im So Busy With The Kids That I Don’t Think About Things. Our Father/ Daughter Relationship Wasn’t Of Sunshine & Rainbows. Today, Since It’s Gloomy Rainy Weather & Is Somewhat Depressing.. I Been Just Thinking. Lately, My Family Has Been Discussing On Getting A Price Quote For His Headstone. I regret So Many Things & So Many Shoulda- Coulda’s keep running through my mind. I Try To Think The Good Out Of The Bad. Been Attending Church For Quite Some Time Now & God Gave Me The Strength, Peace And The Opportunity Of Forgiveness. Before His Illness I Sent Him A Father’s Day Card With Pictures Of The Kids & I Was Told That He Was Excited! I Was Slowly Making Progress To Be Part Of his Life After So Many Years Of Estrangement. Ending Of August, Few Days Before My Sister& Niece Would Leave Back Home From Vactioning Here With Me We Found Out That He Was Ill. I Can Honestly Say That Everytime I Would Hear A Txt/Call I Was Scared To Read/Hear The Out Come. Everyday As I Would Get Updates From My Sister Who Went Directly To The Hospital They Were Always Heartbreaking … Would Always Hear 10% Chance Of Survival. It Hurt Me So Much Because I Didn’t Want Him To Pass. I Flew Down In September & Went To Go Be With Him. Seeing Him With All These Connections, Suffering I Can Say As A Daughter Was One Of The Hardest Things For Me Too See. I Told Him Im Sorry & That I Loved Him. It Hurts Me So Much Because I Was Unable To Hear Him say That He Loved Me too! I Left Back Home & He Passed away few days Before My Birthday & Was Buried On My Bday. I didnt Attend Services Cause It Was hard For Me To Cope. Hopefully One Day I Can Have The Strength To Visit His Grave. RIP