I’m Annette. Raised In Poverty In A Rural South TX Town. During JuniorHigh/ HighSchool Years I Was A Full-Time Student (DUH) & An OnCall BabySitter.I’m Sure Most Of Us One Point In Time Did The BabySitting Gig?! Though, I Must Admit I Disliked What I Did Because, I Was Bullied! Ha-Ha,JK!! Yes, At Times During The Teenage Years Last Thing We Want To Deal With Is–Bratty Kids . I Swore I Would Never Have Kids…( Open Mouth-Insert Foot)… Spoke Too Soon & Senior Yr ( 18 yrs) Graduated 7 mo. Preggo.
The First Time I Heard Life Being Brought Into This World Was Probably One Of The Greatest Blessings My Husband & I Recieved! Having A Child Molded Me(Us) Into A Different Person… I Think Its Called ” Growing Up”or ” Maturing”. 🙂 The Husband & I Did A Good Time Frame Between Kids … 4 Years To Be Exact & Then We Were Blessed With Baby Numbero 2! Happy, Blessed & Content With Our Pair What Else Could We Ask for?! I’m A Women, Wife & A Mother.I am Far From Perfection But Trying Too Live An Exemplary Lifestyle ! Especially, For Those That Mean The Most! Welcome,To My LifeThough Some Days We Go Through Struggles We Try To Overcome Those Obstacles With Strength, Love & Happiness. So Here Goes The Adventure Through The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly But Without The Gospel Thats Keeping Me (Us) Grounded I Wouldn’t Be Able To Be The Person That I Am Today!!




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