The Puppy That Wasn’t There

The Puppy That Wasn’t There!

After A Long Weekend It’s Back To Reality. This Morning As My Kids Were Getting Ready For School All Of A Sudden I Was Hearing A Puppy Yelping & Whining. I Waited For A Second Just Too Make Sure That I Was Hearing Something Close In Proximaty. Sure Enough, The Yelping Sound Was Heard. So I Went Outside & Circled My House But No Puppy. I Can Hear The Puppy So Clear That I Went Too Check In The Garage Because That’s Where It Seemed Too Me Where He\She Can Be!Though, No Puppy Found! Went Into My Bedroom & Asked My Kids If They Heard A Puppy Crying & They Said ” No”. As, I Began To Walk Out Of The Room I Heard The Puppy Cry & Looked At The Kids & Said ” That Puppy Sound”!! They Both Started Laughing Hysterically & My Daughter Showed Me Her Stuffed Animal & She Began Too Make Those Puppy Noises! It Was Her All Along!




California Dream

Did You Ever Watch Full House As A Kid?! I Did & Wait… Still Do on Nick@nite. It’s Actually Carried Onto My Generation.. These Kids Of Mine Love The Show!! While Growing Up & Would Watch I Always Wondered What It Was Like Too Live In California? Especially, In SanFrancisco?! Well, I Guess These Are The Perks Of Big City Living . Though, I May Not Live In San Fran – I May Have Too Add It’s Only Few Hours Away! Guess What?!! My Dream Is Finally Coming True!!
(( Happy Tears)) This Weekend My Family & I Will Live That Experience!! Driving Over The Golden Gate Bridge, Riding In A Cable Car, ChinaTown, Bay Cruise … This Is A Dream!! Feeling Blessed & Ready For The Weekend!!

Any Other Attractions You May Want Too Add In?! Comment Below!


Rags Too Riches

Rags too Riches

Washing Clothes – Oh , The Joy! Over The Months I Decided Too Collect The Change That The Bottom Of The Drum Of My Washing Machine Dispenses! That Being Said It Went From Rags being Washed Too Riches Being Saved! I Have A Sum Of $200 In Savings! Thanks Too The Hubby For Unknowingly Paying Me For His Laundry Service ;))


Spring Cleaning, Honey Do’s & Haw’s

Spring Cleaning, Honey Do’s, & Haw’s

Sunday- A Beautiful Day, Here In California & Perfect For Household Chores!! Perhaps, A Perfect Day For Myself But, I think The Hubster & Kiddos Beg Too Differ. After, Few Weeks Of Procrastinating Finally This Day Arrived! Spring Cleaning & I Love It! Lot’s of Honey Do’s & ::EyeRolling:: But It’s Getting Done! ( SlightlyGiggling) Because I Know My Husband Is Not Liking It One Bit! Wait… I Have My Spoiled Kids Working Aswell & It’s Known As ” The Worst Day Ever” Because, Cleaning Isn’t At The Top Of Their To-Do List! So, As I Ask Them To Do Certain Things Every Word Is
” Haw”. My Daughter Not So Much Complains But, My 10 Yr Old Thinks It’s Torture & Asked “Daddy” How Much Is He Getting Paid ? Well, Enough Of This Break & Back Too Cleaning! Enjoy Your Sunday~