SanFrancisco Trip

20130225-152853.jpg ( Dressed & On The Road )

20130225-152936.jpg ( Came Across A Turbin Farm Along The Way )

20130225-153203.jpg ( My Husband With Radio ADD )


20130225-153425.jpg ( Phew, We MADE it!!)


20130225-153554.jpg ( Went To Aquarium Of The Bay)

20130225-153647.jpg ( HAPPY KIDS)

20130225-153739.jpg (Alcatraz)

20130225-153826.jpg ( SeaLions)

20130225-153857.jpg ( Carousel)

20130225-153924.jpg (Bunjee Trampoline)


20130225-154008.jpg ( ChinaTown)

20130225-154047.jpg ( Seafood Dinner AT Fisherman’s Wharf)

Overall We Enjoed Ourselves & Can’t Wait Till Summer To Return!!



Loss Of A Loved One

It’s Been A Few Months Since The Passing Of My Father & Gradually I Have Learned To Overcome My Grieving. Some Days Are Rough & Most Days Im So Busy With The Kids That I Don’t Think About Things. Our Father/ Daughter Relationship Wasn’t Of Sunshine & Rainbows. Today, Since It’s Gloomy Rainy Weather & Is Somewhat Depressing.. I Been Just Thinking. Lately, My Family Has Been Discussing On Getting A Price Quote For His Headstone. I regret So Many Things & So Many Shoulda- Coulda’s keep running through my mind. I Try To Think The Good Out Of The Bad. Been Attending Church For Quite Some Time Now & God Gave Me The Strength, Peace And The Opportunity Of Forgiveness. Before His Illness I Sent Him A Father’s Day Card With Pictures Of The Kids & I Was Told That He Was Excited! I Was Slowly Making Progress To Be Part Of his Life After So Many Years Of Estrangement. Ending Of August, Few Days Before My Sister& Niece Would Leave Back Home From Vactioning Here With Me We Found Out That He Was Ill. I Can Honestly Say That Everytime I Would Hear A Txt/Call I Was Scared To Read/Hear The Out Come. Everyday As I Would Get Updates From My Sister Who Went Directly To The Hospital They Were Always Heartbreaking … Would Always Hear 10% Chance Of Survival. It Hurt Me So Much Because I Didn’t Want Him To Pass. I Flew Down In September & Went To Go Be With Him. Seeing Him With All These Connections, Suffering I Can Say As A Daughter Was One Of The Hardest Things For Me Too See. I Told Him Im Sorry & That I Loved Him. It Hurts Me So Much Because I Was Unable To Hear Him say That He Loved Me too! I Left Back Home & He Passed away few days Before My Birthday & Was Buried On My Bday. I didnt Attend Services Cause It Was hard For Me To Cope. Hopefully One Day I Can Have The Strength To Visit His Grave. RIP


California Dream

Did You Ever Watch Full House As A Kid?! I Did & Wait… Still Do on Nick@nite. It’s Actually Carried Onto My Generation.. These Kids Of Mine Love The Show!! While Growing Up & Would Watch I Always Wondered What It Was Like Too Live In California? Especially, In SanFrancisco?! Well, I Guess These Are The Perks Of Big City Living . Though, I May Not Live In San Fran – I May Have Too Add It’s Only Few Hours Away! Guess What?!! My Dream Is Finally Coming True!!
(( Happy Tears)) This Weekend My Family & I Will Live That Experience!! Driving Over The Golden Gate Bridge, Riding In A Cable Car, ChinaTown, Bay Cruise … This Is A Dream!! Feeling Blessed & Ready For The Weekend!!

Any Other Attractions You May Want Too Add In?! Comment Below!


Rags Too Riches

Rags too Riches

Washing Clothes – Oh , The Joy! Over The Months I Decided Too Collect The Change That The Bottom Of The Drum Of My Washing Machine Dispenses! That Being Said It Went From Rags being Washed Too Riches Being Saved! I Have A Sum Of $200 In Savings! Thanks Too The Hubby For Unknowingly Paying Me For His Laundry Service ;))