The Puppy That Wasn’t There

The Puppy That Wasn’t There!

After A Long Weekend It’s Back To Reality. This Morning As My Kids Were Getting Ready For School All Of A Sudden I Was Hearing A Puppy Yelping & Whining. I Waited For A Second Just Too Make Sure That I Was Hearing Something Close In Proximaty. Sure Enough, The Yelping Sound Was Heard. So I Went Outside & Circled My House But No Puppy. I Can Hear The Puppy So Clear That I Went Too Check In The Garage Because That’s Where It Seemed Too Me Where He\She Can Be!Though, No Puppy Found! Went Into My Bedroom & Asked My Kids If They Heard A Puppy Crying & They Said ” No”. As, I Began To Walk Out Of The Room I Heard The Puppy Cry & Looked At The Kids & Said ” That Puppy Sound”!! They Both Started Laughing Hysterically & My Daughter Showed Me Her Stuffed Animal & She Began Too Make Those Puppy Noises! It Was Her All Along!